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Name: Uzumaki Kushina (western: Kushina Uzumaki)
Canon: Naruto (Animanga)
Gender: Female
Age: 20's
Wing Color: Bright yellow.

Canon Point: Chapter 504: Thank You
Canon Point Explanation: This is post-death and Kushina's latest appearance in the manga -- besides small cameos, haha. However, I'm taking her from the point in time of her death rather than after she reappears to assist Naruto in controlling the Kyuubi and reunites with her son.
History: Link to Kushina's Wiki article.

Personality: It is said that Naruto Uzumaki got his personality from his mother, Kushina.

Based on that small bit of information we can assume that Kushina can be loud, enthusiastic, and a bit of a prankster with guts to spare. While all true, her volume and ardency usually only occurs when she's worked up (for example: when she shouted and hit Naruto for calling her the Kyuubi in disguise). She's a strong-willed female with the determination to never give up (her favorite phrase being 'don't give up until the end'); a female version of Naruto in numerous ways. Hers and Naruto's similarities are evident even in their favorite food: ramen. Although Kushina's least favorite differs in being bitter foods.

If one thing's for certain, Naruto definitely inherited his hot-temper and his catchphrase 'dattebayo' from Kushina. She spouts a very similar 'dattebane' when she's worked up, mostly because of her impatience and propensity for fast talking. This random word will slip out and she'll start to babble when she's flustered, excited, angry, etc etc about something and can be loosely translated to "ya know.” Things she deems embarrassing or when she's made a mistake are two common reasons this nonsense will come from her mouth.

There's been a few instances where she's been a little dense too, much like Naruto, such as thinking Sasuke was a girl when he was a newborn as well as talking about having her baby out in the open after being specifically told not to just minutes prior. But she's not stupid nor simple-minded. It's likely that her motor-mouth and excitability gets in front of her intentions and she's unable to stop it. As is with anyone though, she can be serious when she needs to be and it is demanded of her.

Kushina is incredibly hard-headed and stubborn; she hates to lose. During her life, Kushina won every argument she had been in with her husband, Minato, before the sealing of the Kyuubi into their newborn son. Here, she even states that this is the first time she's lost an argument with him. Her opinions and ideals are impossible to sway, and if she has her mind set on something, she won’t give up until it comes to fruition.

However, Naruto and Kushina are not entirely identical either. Kushina is a grown woman so there's some qualities about her that Naruto otherwise doesn't have. For example, she's fairly well-mannered around superiors. The first time she appears in the manga/anime she is seen complimenting the name they had decided to pick for their unborn son; a name thought of by Minato's sensei, Jiraiya. Here she is a bit more soft-spoken and blushes while looking down at her pregnant stomach.

Yet she's also been described as a talkative tomboy by this very same Jiraiya.

As she grew up, she turned into a beauty that was infamous for her ninjutsu style and indomitable spirit, even more so than any man. Her fame and prowess was known even by the Three Great Shinobi of the ninja world, three shinobi renowned for their strength and power. She has a certain maturity about her born from growing up but also from becoming a mother. However, her hobbies include chattering (apparently she's still very talkative) and pulling pranks, which would allude to a mischievous nature and a good sense of humor.

Growing up in an era of war caused her to seek for a daily “peace,” so she's amicable and relatively cheerful with those around her unless provoked. She would rather find compromise than confrontation. However, if her loved ones or friends are in danger, she won't hesitate to fight back with everything she has or even sacrifice herself if it means saving someone precious to her, especially her family. The same could be said if you push one of her buttons though and that hot-temper of hers brings out the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero (more on that later).

Her initial perception of Minato being wimpy and unreliable means she is prone to judge people by outward appearances and what they portray before actually getting to know them. She's a lot more polite now due to that maturity, so this habit has faded more over time. Her genuine kindness and belief that love is the most powerful force in the world (a lesson taught to her at a young age) has managed to produce a cheerful young woman, who smiles in spite of the fact that her life was destined to be full of pain and hardship as a jinchuriki.

She is willing to make friends because of her excitable personality and general enjoyment of chit-chats but doesn't mind having just a small group she can trust. She isn't afraid to speak her mind to anyone; as a young girl, she shouted her dream of becoming the first female hokage to the whole class on her first day there. Nor is she afraid to stand up for herself or others either (beating up bullies for calling her 'Tomato') and because of this she was dubbed with the nickname 'The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero' and struck fear into those who knew her as such.

Mikoto Uchiha considered her fearless because she exhibited strength and boldness to her peers while inwardly she was affected by things such as being brought to a new village for the sole purpose of being a jinchuriki. It was a responsibility that almost ruined her and made her feel incredibly lonely. It was the words of her predecessor, Uzumaki Mito and the belief that with love she could be happy, that she managed to live a full life regardless and become the woman she is today.

She becomes particularly fierce when her family is in danger because she loves them so much. She's a passionate woman with a just as fierce love for her husband and her son; even while dying she did everything she could to protect them and was willing to sacrifice herself for them. Her life was an acceptable payment if it meant her son and husband could live. If anything, Kushina just wants those she loves --and her friends-- to be happy and loved.

Being part of the Uzumaki clan, who were known to be a rowdy bunch, means she has plenty of energy to spare, not to mention the signature bright red hair inherited by those in her clan. It's the same hair that Minato Namikaze had followed to rescue her when she was kidnapped, and Kushina likes to refer to it as her 'red thread of fate.' While at first she hated her hair because it caused people to pick on her, she eventually learned to love it, like most things, because it had led her to her soul-mate.



⟶As a ninja, Kushina has a physical strength and awareness that's almost superhuman. Martial arts and hand-to-hand combat can become a ninja's specialty when focused on, but she doesn’t strictly use one particular 'style' of fighting as far as anyone can tell -- even after her exploits as the Red Hot-Blooded Habenero and beating up bullies half to death. She is fierce and enduring, as the kanji for 'ninja' suggests but is also light on her feet, quick to react (sometimes comically as per Naruto), and more physically capable than any normal human being.

⟶She has the ability to use chakra, an availability normal humans don't possess. The skills include walking on water, climbing trees without her hands, increasing her speed/strength for a short amount of time, makes her hair fly around her head ominously and most importantly she can use special ninja techniques during fights. The previous mentions need no prerequisite to perform but these ninja techniques, ninjutsu, command the use of hand seals as well as chakra. Some of these ninjutsu include a transformation of the body into any person or object, a replacement, and fake clone(s). These are all very basic.

With this chakra, it's been revealed that Kushina can use water, wind, and yin elemental jutsu.

⟶Kushina's chakra is even more unique than all other ninjas and it grants her another type of ninjutsu that nobody else possesses and led to her becoming a host to a tailed beast as a jinchuriki. Her incredibly powerful and potent chakra can manifest into long, spiked chains that erupt from her body at will. They can be used to hold opponents down or as a barrier and used both physically and spiritually. Both variations are incredibly strong; it was used to hold down the Kyuubi and keep him at bay (both in the real world and inside her body) and the barrier kept the Third Hokage (a very strong ninja in their village) from passing through.

⟶The Uzumaki clan was known as the Village of Longevity. She has an incredibly strong life force and stamina that saved her from dying when her tailed beast was extracted from her body. Having a tailed beast extracted is usually something that kills the host immediately.

⟶Kushina is somewhat of a good cook as Minato preferred her homemade cooking over other foods.


⟶She has extensive knowledge in sealing jutsu (fuinjutsu) and was the one to teach Minato about her clan's sealing techniques. Without this knowledge, Minato would not have known how to seal the Kyuubi. Fuinjutsu is a branch of jutsu that seals, inhibits or controls objects, living beings, chakra, strength, even Gods of Death. Kushina possesses a great skill and knowledge of advanced fuinjutsu due to her heritage. The Uzumaki clan of Uzushiogakure specialized in sealing jutsus and Kushina eventually passed on her knowledge to Minato, undeterred by the fact that her clan was destroyed because other clans feared for the power of their sealing techniques during a ninja war.

⟶Though she's not necessarily a genius, she is cunning in her own ways as she likes to play pranks and that requires a certain cleverness to be successful. She has an imaginative, playful, and creative mind. An instance of this was during her kidnapping by Kumo ninja, she was able to think of a way to be trailed by cutting off pieces of her bright red hair that was only discovered by one ninja, the future Fourth Hokage.

⟶Being an older ninja and a jounin, she is seasoned from plenty of missions (ninja jobs), fighting experience, and maturity. Though the audience has no idea of her endeavors as a ninja, the truth remains that she is a jinchuriki and an adult and therefore has a wisdom gained through being a veteran.


⟶Kushina is a relatively cheerful, kind, and friendly individual so it would be easy for her to make friends. When Uchiha Mikoto greets her, she easily starts up conversation on her newborn baby, Sasuke.

⟶She got older, so she's gotten a bit more level-headed and calm with maturity and not a bratty kid who yells she's going to be a kage upon just moving to a new village. When reminded of the dangers of giving childbirth as a jinchuriki, she nods her understanding and is grateful for the help she's offered instead of boasting that she's strong so she would be fine.

⟶Since she's a new mother, there's protective streak in her for most of the younger children but especially people she knows that would be Naruto's age. Also with animals.

⟶Kushina was known for having a strong will and passion that was even more spirited than a man. Her favorite saying was 'don't give up until the very end.' Even while dying and just giving childbirth, she was able to force her body to keep living to help Minato stop the Kyuubi so they could save their son and village.

⟶There's an optimism she carries about most things; she wished that Naruto and Sasuke would be friends when they went to the Academy revealing that she had faith everything would be okay despite the danger of her childbirth looming ahead. She only shares her worries with people she trusts.

⟶Her fearlessness evokes a sort of curiousness about her surroundings and she would be willing to try new things.



⟶Kushina's chakra is unique and she has special ninjutsu, but this is her only ninjutsu she knows other than basic ninja techniques taught at the Academy. So she's a bit short-handed when it comes to diverse skills when fighting. This could be a hindrance when faced with someone who has an ability to avoid her chains entirely.

Edit: It's been revealed she also has wind, water, and yin elemental techniques at hand so she has a bigger arsenal.

⟶Even if her life-force is strong, she's still mortal and can die when she expends all of her chakra, like any other ninja.

⟶The wings would throw off her balance. Ninja are very aware of their bodies in order to fight efficiently, so the added body part would be strange and a nuisance. It would probably annoy her forever.

⟶Outside of battles, she's a bit clumsy. When being chased by the Cloud ninja that were trying to kidnap her, she tripped and fell; when they were leading her away to their village after kidnapping her, she tripped then as well.

⟶Her red hair is incredibly long to the point of ridiculousness, to her calves, and could be used against her to either grab or get caught in objects. She keeps it long because she loves her hair but it's inefficient for someone who fights for a living.

Edit: It got cut in Luceti.


⟶She was horrible at studying. She had lamented as such to Naruto during her last words that she was never very good at it but that he should study his ninjutsu so he would be better off than she was. All of her knowledge is primarily experience based.

⟶Being hard-headed and stubborn could be seen as a strength but for Kushina, sometimes it's a weakness. At times she lacks the objectivity of seeing all sides of a situation to choose on the best course of action for herself or her peers. She's led more by her heart and spirit than by her mind.

⟶She has almost no book-smarts other than what she's learned from fuinjutsu. All of her experience and knowledge comes from things she's learned on the field and taught directly rather than read from a book -- hence being horrible at studying.

⟶Technology is a new force she's never even heard about in her world. She would have trouble with using the journal and how it works and how any of it is possible. It would frustrate her. Though it isn't technologically advanced in a futuristic sense (holograms, a special interface, etc etc) it's still one of the many things that would take plenty of getting used to with trial and error.

Edit: She still thinks it's weird.

⟶Her love of her hair was something she had to learn to accept and the reason she does is because of Minato. When faced with her actual looks, she doesn't think she's that pretty and lacks that self-confidence. She apologizes to Naruto because he inherited her looks while having his father's hair.


⟶On the flip side of being a mother, she's inclined to look after people and help them even if they don't ask for it. This can be interpreted as being a bit nosy, particularly if it involves someone she knows. It can be irritating to some people for the unwarranted (or unneeded) advice she tries to give. Especially random hugs and such.

⟶Kushina is intensely emotional and this could get in the way of good intentions and isn't a good mix with being ninja. While sometimes relying on your heart is good, sometimes she relies on it too much and wears it on her sleeve. Her emotions are out there for the world to see and people could use it against her.

⟶A fiercely independent individual, she doesn't like being told what to do and expects people to rely on her more than having to rely on anybody else. When told that dying for their son is a father's duty, Kushina went against those words and threw herself in front of giant claw and said that it's a mother's duty as well.

⟶When she punched her son for calling her the Kyuubi in disguise during their reunion, Kushina used her verbal quirk 'dattebane.' She then goes on to say she was born impatient (and a fast talker) Her impatience and quick temper can sometimes make her seem a bit intolerant and capricious.

Anything else?:


First Person: test drive links
lee (3+ comments)
shikamaru (3 comments)
minato (23 comments)
ino (6 comments)
sakura (6+ comments)


How many of you were given the second chance to live?

[The voice reflects a sadness before perking up, Kushina's tone changing to her more cheerful self most people know her to be.]

It's amazing, isn't it? It's not something anybody should take for granted.

[Here, she's a bit softer again and there's a gentle warmth to her tone.]

I definitely won't. [And back to her normal volume.]

But there's a lot of you that still want to go home, right? I know it can be tough being in a new and unfamiliar place and it's only natural to miss what's familiar, but if Luceti is our home now we should make the best of it. I had to move to a new and unfamiliar place when I was young but I eventually learned to call that place home and I plan on doing that here too.

There's people here we would never have the opportunity to meet and bond with if we weren't brought here, aren't there? We've made friends and maybe some of you have even made enemies but they're memories we should cherish while we can. It helps us grow and learn and it gives reason for us to be happy. We shouldn't linger on what we've lost because look at what we've found.

I know in the end, we'll eventually make our way back home too. Everybody finds where they're supposed to be, when the time comes. If you just believe that and enjoy the precious moments with friends or people you love here, everything will be okay.

Third Person:

Kushina firmly believed that – after she learned life lessons from her mentor (and previous jinchuriki) Mito-sama, became specialized in a branch of jutsu her clan was infamous for, and she managed to teach Minato all she could about fuinjutsu -- she was knowledgable enough to figure out this barrier that surrounded Luceti. At the very least, she would try. It didn't matter that everyone she had talked to had told her it was essentially useless, that it was impossible, that everything had already been done to try and break it anyway. It was untrue; everything hadn’t been done because the barrier was still there.

Being told that she couldn’t do it had only made her want to try even more. She wasn't doing it for herself either. Beyond Luceti, what else was there for her? She was dead. Minato was dead. She had gotten the reunion she wanted with her son, saw him grown up and happy and that was all she had wished for while she promised Minato she would save them both with her own death. She had come to terms with it, in fact. As long as Minato and Naruto were safe, she could die with that one regret.

Things hadn't gone as planned. But while they didn't, she couldn't exactly say she wasn't happy either. Here, in Luceti, life had decided to grace her with one more good fortune. To get that life imagined with her family, and it was happy just as she had thought. She couldn't be more happy.

So what was her purpose in seeking that barrier? For Naruto. For his friends. Because they had a life while Kushina didn't, they had a future to work for and peace to gain and a war to win. Just as Minato had believed in Naruto, that he would find and seize that peace and blaze down a new trail for the generations to follow, Kushina believed, as a mother, she had that right of sacrifice for the young.

Have a little faith, he had said. She did. With her death and the removal of this barrier, there was a possibility that they would go home. For Minato and Kushina, it wasn't the same place but--

She was okay with that.

And so she had packed her bag with the necessary survival gear and set off in the direction of the edge of the barrier. She traveled south and she traveled alone, just as she had planned to do to save Minato and Naruto from the Kyuubi.

And there was no way Minato was going to stop her this time.

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