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Comment here for any and all interactions you might want with Kushina, outside of community posts! Just be sure to designate a type and the date it happened, please.

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[continuing threads from possession event!]

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[Konan can't help but smile. She ran into Gai when he was trying to make his wings work. It's all too easy to picture him issuing a flight challenge.]

Would this not be the perfect time to beat him at a flying challenge?
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Fair enough.

[She glances up.]

Perhaps not everyone, but enough that it can't exactly be considered rare anymore.

[Kushina has every reason to be on edge, even though Konan isn't being hostile. Instead, she decides to offer a bit of helpful information.]

I doubt this will last for too long. Most of the odd things that happen here usually last for anywhere between a couple of days to a week.
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[Konan raises her eyebrow a little.]

Our wings grew to more than double their previous size overnight without so much as mild growing pains and we are sharing our bodies with elemental spirits at the moment. I think it qualifies as odd.

[She does smile briefly, though.]

I'll grant that it's far better than memory loss.

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yes lol let's continue it here |D captcha is annoying

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[That simple statement actually made Minato remember the exact reason why Kushina owns him.

Body, heart and soul.]

Oh, right. I remember the moment I-- well, you proposed.
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lmfao oh u it's okay :3

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[So cute, Kushina, so cute. He wants more of that reaction, so he'll tease some more. Only a little because Kushina's a beast whenever she turns this against him sobs.]

Isn't that how one proposes, though?

hehe i figured >3

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[July 10; YO BIRTHDAY]

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[Even before Kushina goes to do her daily morning routines, Minato was quick on his feet. In a flash, he's already behind her, his hand gently scooping her long hair then bringing it to his nose.

Ah, that scent he'll never get tired of.

He's also probably holding something behind him. Lalala.]
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[He's not the Hokage if he's not the sneakiest!

It's a good thing she didn't ask what he's hiding straightaway, but the lack of any questions is also probably why his cheeks are turning a little pink now. He doesn't know how to intro what he had prepared.

So really, the only way to do it is to just come out of it. No long speeches, no practiced gestures. Just him and his derp.]

Good morning. [And he'll quickly bring out a bouquet of red roses as red as her hair in offering. It's not like he didn't just hiraishin his way to the flower shop and back. Nope.]

Happy Birthday, Kushina.
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Her reaction was what he had expected that his blush reddens tenfold. Although, not from embarrassment but from the genuine happiness of pleasing his wife with such a simple gift.

It's true that he gives her the smallest, yet well-thought gifts even when it's not her birthday. How can he even resist doing it when she's forefront in his train of thoughts? It's always, "Kushina might like this" whenever he's out and about.

As she captures him in an embrace, Minato returns it, also careful not to squish the fragrant blossoms he gave her.]

No problem. It's not like I'll ever forget. [Shush, no thinking he'll forget. :|] I mean if it's not for this day, I wouldn't have such a beautiful wife right now. [A soft chuckle. Really, Kushina.]


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Video; whenever Gaara turned up, ignoring parent sex above omg

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Mom! Is it ok if Gaara has dinner with us??

[Because he's sort of coming anyway? Right now??]
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video;covers EYES

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He's my friend! He just got here.

[oh right, also.]

And he's the Kazekage!
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Yeahm he's the Kazekage! It's okay though. we're friends.


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video; and DRINK IT ALL UP

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video; :>

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video; it sounds GROSS

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video; never TRIED

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video; oK

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video; eww

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[This is all super hush-hush so once Minato leaves the house for something, Naruto goes to find Kushina.]

Mom! What are we gonna do for Dad's birthday?
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kissu kissu

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We should do a party, yeah! I bet you and Dad have made friends here too just like me, right?

[Parties are fun, they should have one for him.]

And we can look for some presents, what do think he wants?
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famiry kisses since famiry thread

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You can't cut off your hair. [Your hair is great and pretty Mom please don't.]

Maybe I can find some good books! Or I dunno, scrolls? THough I reckon Dad knows everything already. Or-- where'd you get Gamamaru? maybe we can get another for him!


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