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Comment here for any and all interactions you might want with Kushina, outside of community posts! Just be sure to designate a type and the date it happened, please.

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[This is all super hush-hush so once Minato leaves the house for something, Naruto goes to find Kushina.]

Mom! What are we gonna do for Dad's birthday?
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kissu kissu

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We should do a party, yeah! I bet you and Dad have made friends here too just like me, right?

[Parties are fun, they should have one for him.]

And we can look for some presents, what do think he wants?
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famiry kisses since famiry thread

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You can't cut off your hair. [Your hair is great and pretty Mom please don't.]

Maybe I can find some good books! Or I dunno, scrolls? THough I reckon Dad knows everything already. Or-- where'd you get Gamamaru? maybe we can get another for him!
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Yeah, let's go! If Dad asks, we can just say we're getting something for Itachi. [Since YEAH that is soon too. All these ninja parties and such.]

I'll go get my shoes on!
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Thanks Mom!

[YEA let's wear the orange hokage one since it's the best one. He slips it on and does it up and lets his Mom deal with telling Dad as they wander off and outside.]

Ummm let's see.. maybe we can just go to where some of the shops are, and see if anything looks interesting when we get there?
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[personal profile] believeit 2014-02-02 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yeah, we should let Goku come again! [Prooobably not what she meant, but he's a fun guy. Naruto likes him.]

Not that Vegeta guy though. [U r g h .]
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I talked to him the other day, sorta. I pulled a prank on him and now Sasuke says he probably wants to beat me up for it. [Actually he said KILL BUT... let's not worry Mom.]
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[Snickering a bit because Fugu-face]

Were all of them like that? I mean Sasuke's not got a sense of humour either...
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[Okay-- that has him laughing loudly as they continue to walk. He doesn't really know what Sasuke's Dad looks like but is just picturing some stern-looking police chief getting trapped in the door.]

Ha! I gotta try that one some day! Simple pranks work the best!
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Oh yeah? I bet you couldn't!

[Maybe he should find a funny prank to pull on Mom.... let Dad catch a break for once.]
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Ohh yeah?! I guess we're gonna see!

[Prank Wars: IT IS ON.]
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[Gonna get left behind Usopp

Oh right the bday thing]

What sorta cake do you want to make for Dad? What's his favourite?
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[Good impression Mom, hehe.]

What about a spongecake then, but with lots of icing on top!

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