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[July 10; YO BIRTHDAY]

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[Even before Kushina goes to do her daily morning routines, Minato was quick on his feet. In a flash, he's already behind her, his hand gently scooping her long hair then bringing it to his nose.

Ah, that scent he'll never get tired of.

He's also probably holding something behind him. Lalala.]
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[He's not the Hokage if he's not the sneakiest!

It's a good thing she didn't ask what he's hiding straightaway, but the lack of any questions is also probably why his cheeks are turning a little pink now. He doesn't know how to intro what he had prepared.

So really, the only way to do it is to just come out of it. No long speeches, no practiced gestures. Just him and his derp.]

Good morning. [And he'll quickly bring out a bouquet of red roses as red as her hair in offering. It's not like he didn't just hiraishin his way to the flower shop and back. Nope.]

Happy Birthday, Kushina.
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Her reaction was what he had expected that his blush reddens tenfold. Although, not from embarrassment but from the genuine happiness of pleasing his wife with such a simple gift.

It's true that he gives her the smallest, yet well-thought gifts even when it's not her birthday. How can he even resist doing it when she's forefront in his train of thoughts? It's always, "Kushina might like this" whenever he's out and about.

As she captures him in an embrace, Minato returns it, also careful not to squish the fragrant blossoms he gave her.]

No problem. It's not like I'll ever forget. [Shush, no thinking he'll forget. :|] I mean if it's not for this day, I wouldn't have such a beautiful wife right now. [A soft chuckle. Really, Kushina.]
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[he's born this way heyyy :3c

Yes, the birthday parties helped but even without them, he's sure he'd remember. What kind of husband is he if he forgot his own wife's birthday??]

It's just the truth.

[And nothing but the truth. As she pulls back, Minato's blue eyes never left her form and the way she's now fiddling with the petals, and damn, how did he get so lucky to have this woman as his wife?]

Well, his daughter's here. She's actually the one who told me about the flower shop while we're in Neji's party. [SHAMELESS OFF-SCREEN PLAYERCEST KASDHK. Oh, and Ino's also the one who told him to get red roses even if Minato knows that's what he'll get.]
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You don't need to be so modest, Kushina. [YOU'RE PRETTY. OWN IT.

The thought Kushina said out loud made Minato chuckle a little.]

I don't know. Perhaps. But I do recall Naruto telling me in passing that she's with someone else.

[He's up to date with the latest Luceti gossip lmao. Although, really, he wouldn't put it past his son to outclass him when it comes to having more fangirls. He'll just need to stop turning into a naked one himself.

As Minato watches his wife go for the door, he's fast enough to stop her with the same seemingly gentle smile.]

Don't you think that can wait? We have the room all to ourselves and it's your birthday. [YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS.]
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I suppose so, but they didn't become any of my girlfriends.

[Now, let's not think of his fangirls. Let's think about your birthday, Kushina, and the fact your husband is planning to give himself as his next birthday present. Minato ala mode. All yours for the taking.

If Kushina likes it when Naruto's face turns as red as her hair, the same can be said for Minato when it comes to her. Right now, with her face turning bright crimson, his smile only broadens. And it only continues to do so when she glances at the direction of Naruto's room.]

Don't worry, he's sound asleep when I passed by his room a while ago. [More like he intentionally checked since Naruto's room also has a seal. He leans closer to her, his lips mere centimeters from hers, when his smile turns a little sheepish.] Ah, and here I thought giving myself to you as a birthday gift would be perfect.

[Then again, if they have sex anyway, why is this any special?]
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well i didn't have a chest to begin with rofl

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[The way her fingers lace through his locks makes his desire burn hotter. It's amazing just how much she has an effect on him, really. Mere touches, however small, turns him into pudding. He doesn't like to think that it's her talent, but something that spoke of the way he loves her so much.]

I suppose we can fix that?

[He eyes the ribbon tied around the bouquet. It's not like the arrangement would fall if he uses it, right?]
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[He chuckles once the ribbon is already in place. He could just imagine how he looks like right now, really, and in his imagination he looks both ridiculous and perhaps cute.]

And here I thought you'd have to unwrap the ribbon first before proceeding to the present.

[Sobs it's so tempting to just kiss her right now for how close he is to her.]
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[The kisses on his cheek almost tickle that Minato laughs sheepishly. Maybe he'll try and catch Kushina's lips while she does so. Maybe he'll be able to land one soft peck just to tease a little.]

Well, I guess we're doing this the other way around?

[Does this mean there's a possibility he'll be entirely naked save for a ribbon tied around his head? Oh well, if Kushina likes it, then so be it. It's her birthday, after all.]
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[This is why they're perfect for each other.

Though, really, when she puts it that way, Minato can't help but smile sheepishly. He somehow feels bad that he wasn't able to actually give her a more creative present. It's not like he can travel to another village here and scout for one she might like.

So there's no other way but to mask this shame lalala.]

I do what I can. [A beat as he tries to smile wider.] I figured maybe I'll be enough.
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[He would have replied something to that but the words died down once her lips came in contact with his. His hand also automatically finds her hair that he so adores, fingers lacing through beautiful red locks.

Minato gives the kiss a little more push, a litte more heat, as he plans to make it good for her since he's her present. Maybe he'll try some new things today (even if he probably did all the things with her already) just so it'd be extra special.]
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[It was a little hard making his way to their bed with his lips against hers in a passionate dance. But since he's not a trained ninja for nothing, someone who knows how to use his senses, Minato eases in no problem.

The squeak of the bed also got him but he pays it no heed. When Naruto's sound asleep, he's sound asleep, he found. There's no way he'll ever catch them.

As he carefully guides Kushina to their bed and positioning himself on it too, Minato tries his best not to break contact whilst holding Kushina closer to him. It's almost enough just kissing her.]
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[Only this and he's already the happiest man in the world.

Kushina can kiss him all she wants in a fierce battle of passion and love and Minato's already satisfied. It really only takes him so little to be contented especially in his relationship with Kushina. She can wear his shirts, which are too large for her, in bed and he'll still think she's the sexiest.

As he's successfully on top of her, Minato continues his gentle assault, only pausing a little for air from time to time. Maybe when her hand begins to explore, so will his, as it traces the outline of her still-clothed curves.]


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