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action + voice || the severed threads

[If Kushina didn't have enough reasons to hate the Malnosso before, she certainly did NOW. Now it’s personal.

As if it wasn't before.

Still, she hopes more than anything that Naruto is still around. With hardly any more chakra to speak of, she can’t really sense him like Vegeta had taught her either. It would be the second time she didn't get to say goodbye -- for either of them. At least she knows she can get through it and there’s always a chance he could come back. There’s always that.

He might not recognize her though. In fact, would anyone? Kushina’s most distinguishing feature has always been her long, straight, red hair. Sure, it was still plenty straight. It was definitely just as red as ever too.

But now the ends fell just above her shoulders. She had managed to save the mass of hair that had been sheared off when she hadn't been paying attention. It’s clutched in her hand. That’s the problem with long hair, Kushina laments. As much as she loved it (and Minato and Naruto did) it definitely got in the way when she was fighting. The consequence was this:

Short hair. Also dirty, smelly clothes and dirty, smelly body. She was considerably more worried about getting home to Naruto however. Bathing and wondering what anybody would think of her new haircut could come later.

Too bad she’s lost. Her eyes turn upwards to glare at the sky.]

I could really use Saori’s cloud now.

[And so she continued through the forest, kicking sticks and rocks and grumbling the whole way.]

[On the other hand, Minato isn’t lost. Or at least, not as lost as he initially thought he will be. Unceremoniously dumped within the dense forest of Luceti wearing only this pair of pajama bottoms, Minato thought he’d get lost but he supposes patrolling these forests before disappearing (he prefers the term ‘disappeared’ than actually having gone home since he’s not supposed to exist there) actually paid off.

He remembers this forest fairly well that he doesn't waste time navigating it to get home.


Funny when he thinks about it. He actually went back home but he doesn't remember anything. This realization, this fact, leaves a stinging sensation within him. Konoha isn't home now because what good is a home when he’s not even alive in it? Right now, Luceti’s their home because here, he and Kushina get to spend time with Naruto, be with him, like they originally planned. And he terribly missed them, missed this little miracle they were given, and he’s reminded that you don’t have a home until you just miss it.

His mind begins to work. How long has he been gone? They must have been incredibly worried! Did Kakashi look after them? Is he still here? Are the others still here? Who remains? What’s currently going on in the village?

He moves in haste.

But even before he activates his Hiraishin to teleport to his nearest seal (which is probably somewhere in the village outskirts), he senses warm, familiar chakra that he can never, ever forget.

Minato immediately stops and looks around, the wind brushing through his golden locks and naked skin bringing in an all too familiar scent with it.

It smells like home.]



[Later, a voice post pops up from Kushina. She sounds agitated so she gets right to the point.]

Is there a shampoo or pill around here that makes your hair grow faster?

[sounds of Minato blubbering in the background

to which Kushina responds with a flustered:]

It’ll grow back, ya know!


But, Kushina…

It’s not the end of the world, Minato!

Still, your hair… [Pauses as he wipes his tears clears his throat.] I suppose I’m just not used to it being this short? [Sheepish smile but Kushina definitely knows it’s because he adores her long hair sobs.]

I’m not used to it either… [A pause where she reaches up to run her fingers through the strands like she used to but it’s just. NOT. THERE. and her fingers grasp at air.

Ah, yeah. That’ll take some getting used to.]

Um, you can have this?

[She’s holding out all the hair that had gotten cut off with an awkward smile.

Which Minato accepts with a sad, albeit still sheepish, smile.]

Thank you. [He looks down at them. DEFINITE SADNESS IN THOSE EYES ABUBU.] I guess…?

[Silence for a long minute where the two of them just look at Kushina’s beautiful, long locks of hair in his hand.]

... I wonder if someone can make a wig out of it.

[Again, silence follows that suggestion with Minato just slowly looking up at Kushina with wide, blue eyes which clearly asks the question, “You’re not serious, are you?”]

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