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[Later, a voice post pops up from Kushina. She sounds agitated so she gets right to the point.]

Is there a shampoo or pill around here that makes your hair grow faster?

[sounds of Minato blubbering in the background

to which Kushina responds with a flustered:]

It’ll grow back, ya know!


But, Kushina…

It’s not the end of the world, Minato!

Still, your hair… [Pauses as he wipes his tears clears his throat.] I suppose I’m just not used to it being this short? [Sheepish smile but Kushina definitely knows it’s because he adores her long hair sobs.]

I’m not used to it either… [A pause where she reaches up to run her fingers through the strands like she used to but it’s just. NOT. THERE. and her fingers grasp at air.

Ah, yeah. That’ll take some getting used to.]

Um, you can have this?

[She’s holding out all the hair that had gotten cut off with an awkward smile.

Which Minato accepts with a sad, albeit still sheepish, smile.]

Thank you. [He looks down at them. DEFINITE SADNESS IN THOSE EYES ABUBU.] I guess…?

[Silence for a long minute where the two of them just look at Kushina’s beautiful, long locks of hair in his hand.]

... I wonder if someone can make a wig out of it.

[Again, silence follows that suggestion with Minato just slowly looking up at Kushina with wide, blue eyes which clearly asks the question, “You’re not serious, are you?”]


Kushina Uzumaki

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