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[The screen adjusts a few times, a little blurry, until Kushina comes into focus. There's a deep breath.]

Has anybody heard about how that mission is going in the desert?

[Then Kushina moves, starts pacing around the dining room of the Uzumaki home quickly while her mouth runs. That question is about the extent of her patience with the situation. She appears in and out of the frame as she marches back and forth.]

The Malnosso asked for people to go on this mission out in Region Nine or something. I can't remember the details very well. All I know is they wanted us to work for them.

I don't get it.

The Malnosso wants to use us to protect them? Is that supposed to be a joke? After the experiments and the memory modifications and all the other crap they've done to us, they really think they can ask for this sort of thing? To work together? What the hell have they ever done besides hide behind a barrier and use us for test subjects?

And that Zomo-bastard, too.

I still don't know who the bad person is here. I didn't know before back at home when war was always going on and I don't know now. All anybody ever does is fight. Maybe we're all just idiots against with each other for some stupid reason no one even remembers.

And why even have experiments in the first place? That makes me think that this mission is just another one of their stupid experiments, too. Last time a lot of people got hurt! Physically and emotionally! They'll just keep doing this over and over.

...I just--! [Her voice softens but is no less full of emotion.]

I don't want anyone else to be hurt.

[Finally she quiets down and then reaches over quickly to stop broadcasting. That was probably too much. She had only meant to ask if anyone had heard from those on the mission.]


Kushina Uzumaki

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