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[At first, not much registers on the journal other than a long bout of nothing but the clatter of someone working on something, It's only after it stops does Kushina’s voice finally pipe up.]

--Here, what about this?

[She sounds a bit nervous and when nothing is said for too long (it’s really like ten seconds) she prompts with an impatient;]

Well? How is it?

Hmmm.... [Naruto’s voice can now be heard, humming to himself as he contemplates something.]

Yup! It’s good!

... Really?

Yeah, of course it is! There’s no way he’s not gonna like it, and even if he doesn’t for whatever reason it’d be his loss, ‘cause we’d get to keep it for ourselves y’know?

[Kushina’s laugh is softer than usual, warmer. There’s a ruffle as she pats down blond hair teasingly.]

Well then, I”ll make extra.

Yosh! [There’s a soft thump and suddenly his voice sounds louder- because now he’s leaning over the journal.] So what d’ya want me to do now?

Do you think you can preoccupy your dad and make sure he doesn’t come in here?

[There’s challenge and humor and something ELSE in her voice as she asks this, it’s always there when she’s talking to or about Naruto, in any case.]

Unless you want to stay and keep helping me... [The sentence trails off and it's obvious she's distracted with something now.]

It’ll spoil the surprise if he comes in now right? Maybe I can get him to go train with me or something.

[There’s a shuffling sound as Naruto chuckles to himself, shortly followed by the opening of a door as he calls back..]

See you later, Mom!

Wh- Hey! Just don’t forget about tonight, ya know?!

[It’s completely silent now with only one person in the house; no laughter or excited chattering over what they were doing to do today or predicting how surprised Minato was going to be later. So she turns to the journal to maybe find someone to talk to and notices it’s recording.

There’s more silence, awkward, until finally a she blurts in a fluster.]

Ah, er! Whatever you heard... you didn’t hear it, okay?



[1. Earlier, Kushina is seen rushing around a store, having too much in her arms and dropping a whole lot of it sometimes in her haste. She grumbles to herself and tries picking it back up, but ends up spilling more and making a whole lot of noise. This happens quite a few times throughout the store and as she's shopping--

Until she decides to use her new blue apron as a basket because who uses shopping carts?

2. Even earlier than that, she's a flash of bright red hair running through Luceti at top speed. And since she's had plenty of practice, the wings give her a higher velocity as they beat against her back.]


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